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Crime Fighter for DirectX - Beta

This is an early Beta of the Crime Fighter DirectX release. Therefore it is very likely that several things don't work completely correct. The following known issues will be corrected in the final version:
  • keyboard control: controls in the lab levels are still a bit sluggish. Complete keyboard control of the game is not finished also.
  • sounds: only a few at the moment.
  • several minor problems
Please download the Beta here: (6194 KB)

Note there are no real new gameplay features in this version. It mostly contains graphics enhancements. So please don't be too disappointed. But nevertheless I hope that you like the new outfit.

Have fun testing!

System requirements

  • Windows 95/98/2000/ME
  • DirectX 6.0 or above
  • 100 MHz CPU and 32 Mb Ram should do, but as always the more the better


Please click on an image to see a bigger picture: